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I should stock up on Bane pictures.

Before google images/tumblr (already is just nolans one..)  for Bane ends up like the Joker…

I will never recognize that. annoying…pathetic….excuse of “REALISM” or “it’s meant to be realistic”.. As Bane, Joker, two face or scarecrow.. and especially Batman. Sorry. Not happening. It’s a super hero movie. Super hero’s aren’t meant to be realistic. Stop over thinking and destroying something so simple. -.-  


The Batman villains each describe how they would kill Batman.

Text by Doug Moench, art by Alex Horley. Originally made for a series of Batman trading cards which featured a whole storyline where Batman was missing and thought to be murdered by the Joker. These pages are Batman Masterpieces: Portraits of the Dark Knight and His World, a coffee table book of the card set.

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