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Flashpoint thoughts (comic series, what made the new 52/new DC universe)

I just finished reading Flashpoint and overall it’s a great read, I guess it softens my view on the new 52 a bit, despite me still not agreeing with a lot of things and the general direction the new 52 is taking….. and not accepting a lot of the new 52 changes… I feel a little bit more sympathetic towards some changes, not all. Like how Harley Quinn is now.. and Jokers face….. *grumble*…but yes… 

The conversation between Barry Allen and his mother, the letter from Thomas to Bruce, Flashpoint was all about family, parents, children and change. I think the meaning of FLASHPOINT is to accept change (as hard as it can be sometimes), to accept that someday your parents will die, (as the old comics, our “parents”, and continuity are “dead”/ changed now) and that things are fragile and can easily be changed. But despite the change, despite what’s happened, you’ll always remember your parents and past, even after they’re gone. 

So in other words, grow up, man up, don’t cry about the past, accept the fact that change is the only constant in the universe and accept the future, both the good and bad of it. 

Just my random thoughts on the matter. That all being said id still much prefer the old DC universe back.. but yeah. This isn’t a rant about the new 52, just some random thoughts.. 
I highly suggest reading it if you haven’t. Even just for the last 3 pages.

Because it’s not often you see Batman cry. Hit me right in the feels… 


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