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Batman #17 and how I feel (no spoilers)

Well, I read it and well… 


I am so fucking dissapointed and a bit angry. I can’t say any more then that. That’s just my opinion though. Not a spoiler, just my thoughts and feelings..

Im just honestly disappointed. I can’t even go into depth as to why im so disappointed with it, because I am THAT disappointed and generally mad right now. Maybe the build up was too big, I expected more!

I dunno. I’ll write a longer in depth rant later tomorrow after market day. When everyone has read it and can know my disappointment and anger Maybe I need to read it again to soak it in..

new 52 you’ve let me down too many times.. I think its about time to say goodbye for good..

Batman #13 thoughts on Jokers face…

I think I know where Joker is going in Batman 13… The Joker actually didn’t cut his face off! The entire thing is just a long slow burn to his inevitable showdown with Batman, wherein he will rip off his mask, revealing his intact face, and say “This is it, Batsy - our face-off!” It’s a multi-story arc to build to one really lame pun, and is thus the Joker’s greatest joke of all - a joke on the readers themselves. 

Flashpoint thoughts (comic series, what made the new 52/new DC universe)

I just finished reading Flashpoint and overall it’s a great read, I guess it softens my view on the new 52 a bit, despite me still not agreeing with a lot of things and the general direction the new 52 is taking….. and not accepting a lot of the new 52 changes… I feel a little bit more sympathetic towards some changes, not all. Like how Harley Quinn is now.. and Jokers face….. *grumble*…but yes… 

The conversation between Barry Allen and his mother, the letter from Thomas to Bruce, Flashpoint was all about family, parents, children and change. I think the meaning of FLASHPOINT is to accept change (as hard as it can be sometimes), to accept that someday your parents will die, (as the old comics, our “parents”, and continuity are “dead”/ changed now) and that things are fragile and can easily be changed. But despite the change, despite what’s happened, you’ll always remember your parents and past, even after they’re gone. 

So in other words, grow up, man up, don’t cry about the past, accept the fact that change is the only constant in the universe and accept the future, both the good and bad of it. 

Just my random thoughts on the matter. That all being said id still much prefer the old DC universe back.. but yeah. This isn’t a rant about the new 52, just some random thoughts.. 
I highly suggest reading it if you haven’t. Even just for the last 3 pages.

Because it’s not often you see Batman cry. Hit me right in the feels… 


New 52 Joker and new 52 Batman in general

Sigh… He looks… why. Why…? Just why. All im saying is his face is back on his face but is literally, no joke. Held on via a belt round his forhead and jaw….. I don’t see the point in that at all. It looks really stupid.
I mean why cut it off if you want to put it back on? It’s like if Batman had big square eye holes in his cowl and the bat ears were round… it would just look really off and weird. It just seems really pointless and stupid, I don’t know if DC is still trying to be all “dark and edgy” (seems they are) or whatever but i dont understand the point in all this. I really don’t. I haven’t read the story because its not out so i can’t comment on that, it could be good.. but man… the new 52 is really shitting all over the rogues gallery.. It’s making me a little sad to see everything I know and love being shat on and quiet frankly being treated poorly :/

It just seems like a bad marketing thing as well, i mean anyone who wants to read batman after playing Arkham asylum or Arkham City or anything like that are going to be wondering why the hell Joker has done that, or why mr freeze looks really weird and has ice powers… or why black mask has physic powers.. or why harley is completely different and not Harley Quinn at all and has shitty origin now….. or why Crane has his lips sewn together.. Poison Ivy being good… Don’t get me started on that one-face/two-face thing… But the list goes on… But they really botched up and stuffed up all their pasts and origins and why they are the villian or do what they do, like drastically…sigh i really dunno about new 52, iv been reading most bat titles but it’s really not for me I think.. Or many people really.. :/

Maybe i should just accept the new 52 as some crazy alternate earth 52 where everything you enjoy dies.. and that the old dc and batman is just not being continued right now… yeah maybe..  >_>

Eh i dunno.. I’ll keep going with what little hope I have of the new 52 and see if this Joker story helps/reignites my interest, It could be really awesome, im hoping it is. But so far im left a little bitter by everything else besides the court of owls, which was pretty good, but everyting else not so much.. But I just don’t see the point in the whole face thing though… It just seems really frigging stupid…

Image of joker below

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